Sunday, November 7, 2010

Money making

 This is not what you think..First of all I'm not a marketer, and I'm not here to advertise this PTC sites. I'm writing this, just to express my sentiments about this site they called "Paid to Click" A.K.A (PTC). To cut the story short, I joined some of this site. You know why? Because of the earning opportunity they offer of course, which is money. lolz. I had so many ups and downs about some of this programme like, the scam issues, privacy issues, payment issues and so on. But thanks God I overcome them.
     Hours after hours of researching, gathering info, and forums. I filtered those scammers from the genuine sites. One site I registered on November 2010 is This site is the only ptc advertising that trusted and pays $0.01 per ads. This is not a scam..Take the oppurtunity to be cam a rich man....

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